Great news, eOne Dynamics GP partners: You’ve got a new toolbox that offers a type of integration that your customers don’t understand exists yet, and it will change their world for the better! Likely, your customers bought an eOne tool for a specific use case. The truth is, they have the tools to drive MORE efficiency, value, and ROI for their company. eOne offers a complete data management suite for ERP customers using Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance, NetSuite, Acumatica, and more.

As the partner and consultant, you have the opportunity to grow your partnership with your customer by offering services that involve eOne tools. Everyone needs their apps talking and their data in the right place at the right time. Additionally, that data needs to be connected with your people; both to answer their own questions and take action.

Whether your customers are staying on their existing Dynamics GP or moving to a new ERP, here is a list of ideas for consulting services:

Customer Scenario #1:  No plans of moving off their existing ERP

Great. We’ve got you covered.

For those customers continuing to use SmartConnect on their existing ERP, you can:

  • Conduct an integration review.
  • Conduct an eCommerce integration review.
  • Conduct a helpdesk & CRM integration review. (The people serving your customers need access to the right data!)
  • Conduct an expense management integration review.
  • Conduct an employee onboarding integration review. (Which systems do people need to be set up in when they get started and where does it make sense to automate?)
  • Put together an Integration strategy to identify virtual integration opportunities. (What data is requested often between teams and in which apps does it make sense to embed that real-time data?)
  • Create integrations with REST API services.
  • Create integrations with SQL, a Data Warehouse, or a Data Lake.
  • Create integrations with all file types- EVERY COMPANY NEEDS AN EXCEL INTEGRATION! (We all know accountants love Excel.)
  • Create integrations between their CRM and their current ERP.
  • If they’re on SmartConnect on-premise, upgrade your customer to the latest version of SmartConnect.

Popdock for GP:

  • If on Dynamics GP, customers can transfer current SmartLists to Popdock’s web interface keeping your users out of GP.
  • Create new favorites in Popdock based on GP data and share them with users and teams (they can be non-GP users).
  • Report on data outside of GP from one of the 50+ Popdock connectors.
  • Combine outside data with GP data.
  • Create exception reports with custom lists.
  • Create summary reports with custom lists.
  • Display GP data inside other systems eliminating the need for traditional integrations and keeping your customers in the systems they want to work in.
  • Embed a Dynamics GP report in Microsoft Teams.
  • Make Popdock reports available to access in real-time in Microsoft Excel with the Popdock Add-in.
  • Use Popdock to create advanced queries, then use the Popdock API generated to efficiently pull data into another BI tool, like PowerBI or Tableau.

Customer Scenario #2:  Have plans to move to another ERP?

Great. We’ve got you covered.

For those customers moving off GP (or any on-premise ERP in the future) and using SmartConnect:

  • Use SmartConnect to migrate master records.
  • Use SmartConnect to migrate open transactions + related data (customers, inventory, price lists, salespeople, etc.) to your new ERP.
  • Use the SmartConnect Excel add-in to manipulate and migrate data into new ERP.
  • Use SmartConnect to create integrations with other systems like your CRM, eCommerce, expense management, marketing automation, inventory systems, databases, and REST APIs for your customers’ custom apps!

For those customers moving off GP (or any on-premise ERP) using Popdock:

  • Start training users on Popdock today, so they have a strategy to easily access the data they need to do their job in GP today and can access/report off all their new data in their new ERP. It’s one less system to learn when moving ERPs, and Popdock includes dedicated connectors for a number of ERPs.
  • Use Popdock to migrate historical data quickly and in a cost-effective manner. I.e., This is a great way to keep up with your competitors also doing migrations. Lower your costs and deliver a much quicker turnaround with a strategy to manage legacy data.
  • Create combined lists in Popdock to report off of data between legacy ERP and new ERP data. Put those lists inside the new ERP for your customers to report on without having to leave their new ERP.
  • Virtually integrate your new ERP data in other apps where people in the company need visibility to your ERP data. Some examples are embedding data in your CRM and in your helpdesk where your customer-facing teams are working.

The big picture: every customer is going to have integration needs, and eOne has the tools for you to say “yes,” deliver services and easily manage changes within a no-code, configurable interface.

Not ready to deliver these services?

We have you covered there too. eOne offers a variety of training to get your team up to speed. We have options for technical, product-specific training, as well as training to learn how to sell and architect solutions smarter. Check out our training options here, or contact us to connect with your partner development manager to discuss the best option for your team.

Happy integrating!