Recently, eOne started rolling out new features in SmartConnect, but this article will highlight one: how to get started with the SmartConnect documentation tool. 

With this tool, you can generate documentation within SmartConnect for any integration that has already been set up or configured. More specifically, you can document all the integration versions you’ve made and revisit specific configurations. 

The SmartConnect Documentation tool allows you to document any integration process easily and efficiently. While manually documenting integrations can take hours, SmartConnect’s documentation tool generates pages of details in a couple of seconds. This tool also lends itself perfectly to larger implementations and partners.  

Document Any Integration Process with SmartConnect

Any integration you export for documentation will include everything from its original setup, including where it’s getting data (the source you’re pulling from the query), where you’re sending it, naming specifics, different options or groupings set up, how you have mapped individual fields, if you’ve built additional columns, and much more. It’s taking apart the integration you built. All the settings, field mappings, and additional work are generated and appear in the documentation. 

This tool’s abilities are helpful for a few reasons. As a user, you can: 

  • Quickly document any integrations you’ve built or changed. 
  • Export it as a zip file to open the entire package of integration documentation whenever you need it for later review. 
  • Share this information with multiple team members working on the same project or integration(s). 
  • Check if integrations have changed since their original deployment by comparing documentation files. 
  • Generate a basic HTML page that lists the source, field mappings, additional columns, tasks, and other information for documented integrations. 

How to get started using SmartConnect’s documentation tool 

Once these updates have been performed in your region, you can start using the documentation tool within the SmartConnect interface.  

To use SmartConnect’s documentation tool: 

  • Select the “System” menu on the left side. 
  • Select “Documentation” from the “System” submenu. 
  • Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner. 
  • Create a description name for the documentation. 
  • Select whether or not you want to include the source column. 
  • Choose the integration(s) you want to document (select up to 20 for each documentation set). 
  • Click “process”. 

After that, SmartConnect takes care of the rest.  

Ensure clarity with SmartConnect’s documentation tool 

With SmartConnect’s latest updates, you can streamline integration processes and improve data connectivity, all in a user-friendly integration platform. Automatically document your integration processes while ensuring clarity on each integration’s data sources, destinations, and flow with the SmartConnect documentation tool.  

SmartConnect’s documentation tool will continue to be improved upon. In future iterations, we will expand these features and add more options to include or exclude specific information from the generated documentation set. 

To view an example of SmartConnect’s documentation tool process, click here. If you have questions or need help about this latest rollout, contact us at