eOne is set to roll out SmartConnect updates beginning in May, bringing significant enhancements to the integration platform. Let’s explore the key updates:

Microservices for Scheduling

SmartConnect will now leverage microservices for scheduling integrations, ensuring efficient resource utilization, and preventing scheduling conflicts. This update improves reliability and performance, especially for shorter-running services. Each scheduled integration now spins up a dedicated microservice, keeping processes on schedule more precisely.

  • Microservices are being added to each region to allow our scheduling processes to take advantage of them. Existing integrations will not use them by default (so we’re not automatically flipping existing scheduled integrations over to them), but there will be a new checkbox that will let people flip current schedules to use them.
  • The advantage provided by these microservices is that each scheduled integration will spin up its own service to process at the scheduled times, rather than sitting in the main scheduling pool per region waiting for a server.
  • Any large integrations (50,000 or more records) still need to use the traditional/long-running schedule process and not the microservice option. This will be noted in the scheduling window for the user to see, so they can setup their schedule using the appropriate service.
New IP Addresses per Region

With the addition of the microservices, a new IP address for those services will need to be whitelisted per region. This reduces the hassle for on-premises users who need to whitelist IP addresses.

You can read this blog to learn more about eOne adding new IP addresses per region, and what that means for you.

This is step 1 of 2 to get each region down to just one IP address for people to whitelist. In June, we will determine a date to start flipping regions to use the needed virtual networking. As we do, each region will be narrowed down to just one IP address (which is the IP we’re adding to each region during this update) for all traffic. This will be a massive improvement for IT teams, our articles referencing the IPs to whitelist, and future updates and region rollouts. 

SmartConnect’s REST API & Documentation

A new REST API is being introduced, modernizing SmartConnect’s API to follow industry standards. With updated methods and comprehensive Swagger documentation, developers gain easier access and can integrate external applications more seamlessly. Versioning ensures smooth integration processes, making it much easier for enterprises to pull data in and out of SmartConnect.

The current API is not being retired. No changes will be needed for current customers.

New Dynamics CRM/Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement (CE) REST Sources and Destinations

The Dynamics 365 CE/CRM REST services will now be available under our CE connector. This will allow for different methods to pull data from CE or send data in.

  • It does not affect existing integrations as none of the current sources or destinations are being removed from the CE connector.
  • This does not require another connector instance, as it will show up under the same CE connector a customer may have configured. Both our current method of calling into CE and the new REST options show under the same connector.
NetSuite Connector Improvements

We are introducing a significant number of improvements to the SmartConnect NetSuite connector, providing a better integration experience. These enhancements address various bugs and introduce new features, ensuring smoother operations and integrations for users leveraging NetSuite.

Documentation Tool

The SmartConnect Documentation tool allows users to effortlessly document any integration process. This tool is particularly beneficial for larger implementations or partners, eliminating the need for manual documentation. Users can save time by automatically documenting their integration processes, ensuring clarity on data sources, destinations, and flow.

  • Users can select any integrations in their account and have SmartConnect generate an HTML file of documentation that will list the source, field mappings, additional columns, tasks, and more.
  • This will continue to be added to and improved over additional future releases.
Bug Fixes and Features

Alongside these updates, we are addressing SmartConnect bugs and introducing new features to enhance user experience. These fixes and enhancements contribute to a smoother and more reliable integration process across the board.

Gearing Up for the New Updates

SmartConnect’s latest updates aim to deliver a more robust and user-friendly integration platform. Whether you’re a developer streamlining integration processes or a business seeking improved data connectivity, these updates offer something for everyone.

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of these updates, please reach out to us at sales@eonesolutions.com.