As we announced at our eOne Event this past September, SmartList Builder & SmartView are now a part of Popdock. Users will be amazed at the power and flexibility provided by the new Popdock app.

Very, very important note – SmartList Builder and SmartView are not going away! They’re just getting a boost. Popdock is built for users to take advantage of everything they love about SmartList Builder, with expanded capabilities and features to report and get more done across all their favorite business apps (that’s right, you can report on more than Dynamics GP!)

A couple of quick things that are happening as a result of bringing our reporting suite together. On January 10, 2022, there are a few changes you’ll see on our eOne Shop (where people purchase and renew):

  • SmartList Builder and SmartView will be removed as standalone items to purchase.
  • SmartList Builder and SmartView will be available to purchase as a part of Popdock Business and Premium Plans at the eOne Shop.
    • Unlimited product support is included.
    • A Bootcamp Pass for Popdock is also included.
  • Existing customers have a great limited-time offer to take advantage of in 2022. As long as they’re current on their licensing for SmartList Builder or SmartView, they can opt into a Popdock Business or Premium Plan with a 40% discount for 3 years.

Top Questions & Answers

With these options, we’ve received a ton of great questions from partners and customers. Here are is a quick compile of the most commonly asked questions & their answers:

Q: If I have a customer who is currently on perpetual licensing that would like to transition to a Popdock Business Plan now, can they do that?

A: Yes, contact our sales team at or your account manager to discuss the steps to do so. Our team will generate an invoice for you.

Starting January 10, 2022, our website will be live and apply all the inclusions/discounts when you add Popdock Business or Premium to your cart at the eOne Shop.

Q: I don’t own SmartList Builder, SmartView, or Popdock. What’s the best way to get access to these products?

A: Purchase a Popdock Business or Premium Plan at the eOne Shop. You’ll get access to Popdock, SmartList Builder, SmartView, unlimited support for these products, and a Popdock Bootcamp Pass. It’s a great value, and after purchasing, you can access product keys by signing into our portal.

One quick note: If you’re purchasing in advance to January 10, 2022, reach out to We’re working on automating these inclusions on our site, so we’ll help make sure you get access to this value in advance when you buy Popdock Business or Premium.

Q: Which SmartView & SmartList Builder customers are eligible for the 40% off Popdock offer?

A: Smartlist Builder and SmartView customers who are current on their annual enhancement plan (AEP) or have an active subscription are eligible for the offer. Please keep in mind that eOne is testing and supporting Popdock for Dynamics GP versions 2016 and later.

Q: If I want to stay on the SmartList Builder perpetual license and not upgrade to Popdock, can I pay my annual enhancement plan early or ahead of time prior to the pricing changes on 12/1/22?

A: Yes, if you renew in advance, quotes and invoices generated will be based on eOne’s current price list at that time.

Q: If I proceed with the 40% off Popdock for 3 years promotion, can I pre-pay for the annual amount?

A: Yes, you can pro-rate your subscription for specific dates and pre-pay for one or multiple years of your subscription if you would like.

Q: How will license keys and the Popdock account initially be accessed after purchasing?

A: After your purchase is complete, you can access your license registration keys for SmartList Builder and SmartView by logging into the eOne Portal.

Have other questions? We look forward to discussing your scenario and helping with next steps.