When was the last time you did something for the very first time? Was it exciting? How good did it feel when you achieved it. When we were all significantly younger than we are now – almost everything we did – we did for the very first time. As kids it was always the first time to visit the zoo, the first time skiing, the first long division or the first goal you scored in soccer! So when you think back on an amazing childhood and youth – much of it came down to the fact that you were always doing new things for the very first time
So now that we have been inflicted with the aging disease of TMB (Too Many Birthdays) do you ever take time to do something for the very first time? You Should. A few weeks ago I wake boarded behind a boat for the very first time. I failed 15 tries in a row to get out of the water. I went back the next morning and got up of the water first time – it was exhilarating. (less so when 200 metres later I face planted most aggressively).
The following day my 74 year old father in law went water skiing for the very first time – and nailed it. Halfway around the bay he jumped off the skis. When we pulled up beside him, he said bring the boat really close – which I did only to be handed his top and bottom teeth!! He said “that was awesome lets go again – but I was just scared I might loose them in the lake”. I have never laughed so hard – but how cool to learn something new at 74.
There are so many things to do in this world – there is no excuse for not ‘doing something new’. If you cannot think of what to do – then simply set out to do something better than you have ever done it. Setting a personal best is almost as exciting as doing something you have never done.
About a year ago I decided to start playing golf with some friends. I was reluctant at first and signed up with 2 good friends who were already good golfers. A year of struggles later I am finally getting better and last week played my best round ever – I set a personal best. What a buzz. Interestingly the two friends I signed up with are no longer golfing at all – but I was determined not to be beaten by a game as simple as golf.
So whether it is work or play – go out and find something you have never done before – and do it. There is no greater buzz. Challenge yourself. Find something you already do – and do it better than ever before. Challenge yourself. If you want life to feel just a little bit like you a kid again, then start doing things you have never done before.
Many of us are so busy with work that there is little time for play. That’s fine – just apply this concept to work. Use a tool you have never used! Question a business process you have never questioned.  If you usually consult – then tomorrow sell something! If you sell – set out to do your own demo! Find something that you have been told ‘ can’t be done’ and do it. Give it a shot and let me know what you have done – that you have never done before.