One of the most common requests we receive at eOne is how someone can apply payments checks or documents using SmartConnect. After all, you ca do it with Receivables, so why not Payables? SmartConnect uses Microsoft’s eConnect API to send data to Dynamics GP, which means the data available for update from SmartConnect are based on what is provided through eConnect.

We can certainly create new data points to be used within SmartConnect by using our Node Builder product to define the import tables, replicate the business logic used within the product, and publish the new nodes to create and update data in Dynamics GP. The hard part of that process is replicating the business logic however.

Thankfully, my colleague Steve Endow, owner of Precipio Services, was kind enough to figure out the business logic for applying Payables documents and wrap it all in a nice little DLL. This means we can now use a .NET Script Task within SmartConnect to call a DLL that will apply Payables Documents.

Full steps for using the Precipio AP Apply Library can be found in this help article.