While in Anaheim this week, I sat down with our Senior Technical Consultant – Chris Hanson – and asked him his top 3 features in SmartConnect that our partners and customers out there may not yet be taking an advantage of. Here are his favorite features:

1.       Multi-lookup:allows users to pull in any fields off a record that exist in CRM. For example, you could default contact info from a parent account.

2.       Multi-data source: allows users to join any data source together in one map. For example, you can have a file with your GL entry information in it and join that to the account master table in GP – so you pull the rest of the account information with it to ensure that each account exists.

3.       New Excel Template Creator: allows you to choose an entity or node and walks you through creating the template with an easy to use wizard. The Excel template creator builds the spreadsheet, vba, and the map for you.  

Do you have 3 top features in SmartConnect that you think the world should hear about? Have 3 features you’d like to see added? Let us know! Email abbey.cooper@eonesolutions.com.