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RP Power


RP Power began its operations in 1998 with a goal to become the most trusted single-source provider of premium power products and services in Arkansas. They experienced incredible success right away – earning “Distributor of the Year” awards and quickly expanding their offices into Oklahoma.

With such rapid growth, RP Power needed a solution to capture all mission critical data within their ERP system and maintain efficient work flows for all team members.

Project Scope

RP Power utilized both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Key2Act to capture data related to their sales and services business in the generator industry. They quickly found much of what they wanted to track was not available in traditional fields and windows.

RP Power turned to Extender by eOne Solutions to meet their needs.

“It is my Swiss Army Knife of tools. Extender is a multi-faceted piece of ‘equipment’ that did more than we initially even realized. We already have 47 Extender windows created – which are used daily by our team – and we’ll have more created before the year is done,” commented Duane Quesinberry, Controller at RP Power.

Initial Extender Project

The initial Extender project tracked all appropriate data needed when a service technician installed a Kohler brand generator at a new site. RP Power had a process required to validate the Kohler generator warranty – requiring a checklist of items and specific Kohler form to be completed its entirety before sending the warranty request into Kohler.

The Kohler form was too detailed and time consuming to require of the technicians to complete by hand – not to mention they would be duplicating their efforts by recording the same data in multiple places.

Quesinberry and team created a series of Extender windows that, when completed, would auto-populate the Kohler form with the appropriate information. They tied the additional Extender window to a Key2Act window. The Extender window had lists of critical fields to complete for their Kohler form – including selecting type of generator, if it is a mobile, towable, trailer-mounted or stationary and if it is a prime, rental or a standby unit.

By adding the Extender window, their team auto-populated nearly a full page of their Startup form – and without errors. They also tracked other pieces of data about the equipment itself that could be used for other processes.

“Prior to this process, we did this all manually. We have saved nearly two hours of paperwork per technician per day, gathered consistent information, and demonstrated a more efficient process,” commented Quesinberry.

He continued, adding, “With our technicians all saving a few hours a day – we’re looking at 10 hours a week per technician that we’re saving. Add that up with all 14 techs and we’re saving 140 hours a week simply by using a few Extender windows to capture our data.”

More Extender Solutions Created

RP Power utilizes Extender’s ability to create calculated fields to determine the proper calculation needed for a load test report. Based on a series of fields selected within their Extender window, their load testing report is auto-populated with the correct load testing results.

Next, RP Power utilized actions in Extender Enterprise to create pop-up boxes with messages for their GP users to pay attention to – based on the window and field they were accessing. For example, on their service call window there is an Extender action set up to show a message – on attempting to exit the window – if an open call exists for that customer. They created pop-ups to remind dispatchers if actions are needed at a specific site (such as changing generator batteries at the appropriate time) and more.

“Actions in Extender Enterprise have moved us from simply capturing more data to really designing workflows for our entire team,” commented Quesinberry.

On the same service call window, RP Power also tracks appropriate credit card pre-authorization information – including the data, who authorized the card, last 4 digits, etc. RP Power uses that data when running daily emailed reports – to let their team know the appropriate credit card pre-authorization information.

“The most important thing about all this additional data captured, as well as the processes Extender helps drive – is that it is helping ensure that everyone is held accountable. There’s now no excuse for poor or incomplete work – all the data is there because of Extender,” commented Quesinberry.

Extender helps RP Power manage commissions, track equipment pending pickup, Customers that are on hold, vendor Certificates of Insurance and additional information around special activities that need to be reported via cash flow – but not as part of their normal process.

In Dynamics 365, RP Power creates opportunities for their generator sales. Once that opportunity goes through the quote and then order phase, it is given a job number (etc) in D365. The number is sent to Key2Act (via eOne’s SmartConnect) and Extender windows – so all CRM data about that particular job is available in GP.

Quesinberry concluded, “just when I think I’ve created all I can with Extender, I realize ‘here’s another opportunity’. Extender has paid for itself 10 times over already, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.”


RP Power

Systems Used

Dynamics GP
Dynamics CRM

eOne Software Used

Extender Enterprise


Sales & Service


Required additional product information to be captured in unique windows, not available through native Dynamics GP.


  • Saved 140 hours a week in data entry
  • Captured mission-critical data
  • Eliminated unnecessary errors
  • Auto-populated vendor required forms
  • Designed workflows to make team more efficient
  • Integrated orders from D365 Customer Engagement to GP and Extender