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Customer Story

Making the Leap to Cloud ERP with Accelerynt

Popdock & SmartConnect enable Accellerynt to help their customers with any integration or migration scenario.

Accelerynt’s Background

Shannon Mullins is a Microsoft MVP in Business Applications specializing in Business Central and Microsoft Teams. With 22 years of Dynamics GP experience, she has used SmartConnect and Extender for countless projects As Chief Revenue Officer and Dynamics 365 practice leader at Accelerynt, Mullins has added Popdock to her eOne tools arsenal that delivers positive outcomes for their customers.

Utilizing eOne’s Tools

“Clients have various systems that they integrate to. The thought that they would leave every single system and go into an ERP is not very likely,” Mullins said.

As cloud ERPs become more common for customers, SmartConnect continues to support customers and consultants who want integration without the need for developers. “SmartConnect is a great tool for those who want to build their own integrations with no integration background. The capability for SmartConnect to use API’s from so many applications ensures SmartConnect will continue to be a useful tool for the future.”

The Accelerynt team is also taking advantage of Popdock, and the reporting benefits it brings. Mullins is impressed with Popdock’s ease of use and noted that as an experienced SmartList user, “it’s pretty natural to follow the same kind of logic.”

“For the end users, it’s also easy. Everyone likes the capability to filter and make their own versions of lists. The fact that users have control over that in Popdock is nice,” Mullins said.

She also appreciates the cloud architecture of Popdock. “No hard installs or additional software, it’s all living in the cloud and it’s a great fit for Business Central customers moving everything into the cloud.”

“Giving customers the capability to view their historical Dynamics GP data in Business Central is very cost-effective.”

An example of Popdock’s value at a client site is her customer that uses a transportation management system (TMS) with Dynamics GP and has separate groups of users in each application. The two solutions are integrated using SmartConnect, but sudden changes to orders in either application can result in errors. Accelerynt built a Popdock dashboard that allows the users to view data in both applications to make better decisions with real-time data.


Whether migrating, integrating, or reporting on data, Accelerynt uses the power of eOne tools to enable them to quickly and easily offer solutions to the common problems businesses face. SmartConnect and Popdock support their goals of utilizing automation to enable teams to focus on making the most of their investments and quickly adding value to their organizations.

Everyone likes the capability to filter and make their own versions of lists. The fact that users have control over that in Popdock is nice.

Shannon Mullins, Chief Revenue Officer at Accelerynt