Troubleshooting CRM Real-Time Map Issues

Published: Feb 13, 2013
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Steps to troubleshoot CRM Real-Time Map Issues

Common Problems

· The real time map does not run after creating, updating, or deleting a record in CRM.

Have you registered the plugin?

· Plugin registration fails.

Check CRM connector settings for credentials

· Record is being filtered.

To check if the record is being filtered out:
1.  Open the real time data source and check the Restrict columns button includes the field changed
2.  On the real time data source check the define button isn’t filtering out your particular record

·Related system job in CRM is failed

Read error messages from “System Jobs”.
Check if the entity has a valid ID

Note: To check if the entity has a valid ID, open the real time data source for the entity and click on “Define” button. Check if you have the valid ID (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000) in front of the entity name in Criteria section.

If the valid ID is not there delete the data source and create it again.

Understanding of Procedure for CRM Real Time Data Source

Most Issues occur due to having incorrect plugins or CRM connector settings or having incorrect web service settings.

Diagram below shows SmartConnect web service procedure for CRM real time data source from outside.

Create or Update Record

A new record is created or an existing record is updated in CRM.

Plugins and Connector Settings

Check CRM connector setting from the Setup:

· Do you have the correct CRM Server set?

Check if the URL is pointed to the correct location of CRM server.


· Is the Authentication type correct?

Depending on the type of Microsoft CRM you are using, you need to use different type of authentication.

Active Directory: enables access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM inside the network

Internet Facing Deployment (IFD): Provides access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM externally from the Internet

If default credentials have been specified in CRM 2011 setup those credentials are used when connecting to CRM. If default credentials have not been specified the credentials of the current AD user are used to connect to the CRM 2011 web service.

Microsoft CRM online: As CRM 2011 Online requires Microsoft Live ID Authentication, default credentials must be defined in CRM 2011 setup in order to connect to CRM online. These credentials will then be used by all users to connect to CRM Online.

Microsoft Online Federation: Where the CRM Online account is linked to office 365.

Note: There is a security restriction that enables only privileged users to register plug-ins. For plugins that are not registered in isolation, the system user account under which the plug-in is being registered must exist in the Deployment Administrators group of Deployment Manager.

Plugin Assembly

Check CRM to see if you have the plugin for the current version of SmartConnect:

Open CRM, go to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System, and click on “Plug-in Assemblies” to check the SmartConnect version.

If the plugin version number is different from SmartConnect version number, delete all related “Sdk Message Processing Steps”, then delete the plugin assembly.

To create the correct plugin assembly register the CRM data source map in SmartConnect again.

Web Service

Check “Real Time Data Source Setting Section” to see if you have the correct Web Service set:


  • Only the HTTP and HTTPS protocols are allowed.
  • Access to local host is not permitted.
  • IP addresses cannot be used. You must use a named Web address that requires DNS name resolution.


System Jobs in CRM

To check system jobs in CRM go to “Settings” and then “System Jobs”; you get a list of jobs in right hand side. Check the “Status Reason”, if failed “System Job Name” includes an error message and a detailed message having the Plugin Trace.

Note: if “Status Reason” shows “succeeded” it does not necessary mean that the map run is succeeded. It means that CRM has successfully triggered the web service.

Event Viewer

Check event viewer on the IIS server that SmartConnect web service is installed by going to:
Computer > Manage >Event Viewer

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