SmartView error received that says “Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.”

Published: Dec 17, 2014
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

You may receive this error in SmartView internal or external depending on how many records you are returning and how many filters you have applied.

For SmartView internal on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and above you can add the following line to the Dex.ini file located in your local machines Dynamics GP folder in the Data subfolder:


For SmartView External add the following line to the SmartView.exe.config file (default location is C:Program Files (x86)eOne Integrated Business SolutionsSmartView):
<add key=”CommandTimeout” value=”0″></add>

Relaunch Dynamics GP and/or SmartView External for the change to take effect.

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