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SmartList Favorites SmartList Builder Template

Published: Jun 18, 2018
Post Author Written by Nicole Albertson

The SmartList Favorites SmartList Builder setup is designed to return a list of SmartList Favorites along with their save level.


Name:  SmartList Favorites

Tables Involved:

  • SmartList Favorites Master
  • Company Master
  • Resource Cache – Product List

Screen shot of Setup in SmartList Builder:

You can add a SQL Script and a Calculation to the setup to the setup to see where the list is coming from, whether it be a Default, New in SmartList Builder, or a Modified version of the Default.  Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Add a SQL Script as a table.  
    1. The SQL Script is:  select SmartList_Name, SmartList_Item_Name, SmartList_Number, stuff(SmartList_ID, 1, 1, ”) as SmartList_ID, ‘3830’ as Dict_ID from DYNAMICS..SLB10000
      where SmartList_ID like ‘.[1-4]%’
      • Note: This script is hardcoded to pull from the DYNAMICS database.  If your system databases for Dynamics GP is something different, you will need to edit the script and change the DYNAMICS call to whatever your system database is called.  For your reference, it is in the script in 1 spot.
    2. Use a Left Outer join to join it to the first SmartList Favorites Master table.
    3. Join it using the following: 
      • SmartList Favorites Master:  Favorite Type to   SQL Script:  SmartList_Number
      • SmartList Favorites Master:  ASI Favorite Dict ID to SQL Script:  Dict_ID
  2. Create a new calculation
    1. Give it a name like “From”
    2. The Field Type will be String
    3. The Calculation will be the following:  
      • CASE {SmartList Favorites Master:ASI Favorite Dict ID} 
        WHEN 3830 THEN
        CASE isnull({SQL Script:SmartList Name},”)
        WHEN ” THEN ‘New SLB’
        ELSE ‘Default Modified’
        ELSE ‘Default’

Note:  To allow this SQL Script to be added, you will need to grant access to at least one SQL Database in the SQL Table Security for SmartList Builder.  Here are the steps to do that.

  1. Open the SQL Table Security window by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – SmartList Builder – Security – SQL Table Security.
  2. Mark at least one database in the window.
  3. Click OK to save the setup.


Note: These templates are designed to be a starting place for your reporting needs.  While we try to make them as accurate as possible, we always recommend you check them with your data as we don’t guarantee their results.  Differences in how data is entered and used in Microsoft Dynamics GP can produce different results with these templates.

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