SmartList Favorite Tracking SmartList Builder Template

Published: May 03, 2023
Post Author Written by Nicole Albertson

The SmartList Favorite Tracking SmartList Builder setup is designed to return a list of SmartList Favorites along with the last time they were run and by who.  It will also tell return the number of times they have been run.  This list will only work with SmartList Builder release 18.02.0035 or newer releases and will only show tracking information since this build or newer was installed.


Name:  SmartList Favorite Tracking

Tables Involved:

  • SmartList Builder SmartList Tracking
  • SmartList Favorites Master
  • SmartList Builder SmartLists
  • Company Master

Screen shot of Setup in SmartList Builder:

Note: These templates are designed to be a starting place for your reporting needs.  While we try to make them as accurate as possible, we always recommend you check them with your data as we don’t guarantee their results.  Differences in how data is entered and used in Microsoft Dynamics GP can produce different results with these templates.

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