User Security with SmartList Records SmartList Builder Template

The Security with SmartLists SmartList Builder setup is designed to return the list of users setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP and their security.  It includes the users, roles, tasks, windows, reports, and SmartLists.  It is courtesy of Victoria Yudin via  Thank you Victoria for contributing to the SmartList Builder community.  The Excel Report Builder setup has been duplicated from the SmartList Builder setup.


Name: Security with SmartList

Tables Involved:  
This is a SQL Script pulling together the following tables

  • SY10500 – Security Assignment User Role
  • SY01500 – Company Master
  • SY10600 – Security Assignment Role Task
  • SY09000 – Security Tasks Master
  • SY10700 – Security Assignment Task Operations
  • SY09400 – Security Resource Descriptions
  • ASIEXP81 – SmartList Favorites Master
  • ASITAB30 – SmartList Language Master
Screen shot of Setup in SmartList Builder. 

There are several things that need to be done to allow this template to work.
  • You will need to grant access to at least one SQL Database in the SQL Table Security for SmartList Builder.
  • You will need to build the Security Resource Descriptions table with the list of tables in your system.

Grant SQL Database Security:

1.  Open the SQL Table Security window by going to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Tools – SmartList Builder – Security – SQL Table Security.
2.  Mark at least one database in the window.
3.  Click OK to save the setup.

Building the Security Resource Descriptions Table:

1.  Ensure you have a backup of your GP databases.
2.  In Microsoft Dynamics GP, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP – Maintenance – Clear Data
3.  On the clear data window, click on the “Display” menu and choose the Physical option
4.  Under series, choose “System”
5.  In the tables section, scroll down to find the Security Resource Descriptions table.  Select it and insert it into the Selected Tables list.
6.  Click OK to run the maintenance.

This script is hardcoded to pull from the DYNAMICS database.  If your system databases for Dynamics GP is something different, you will need to edit the script and change the DYNAMICS call to whatever your system database is called.  For your reference, it is in the script in 9 different spots.

Note: These templates are designed to be a starting place for your reporting needs.  While we try to make them as accurate as possible, we always recommend you check them with your data as we don’t guarantee their results.  Differences in how data is entered and used in Microsoft Dynamics GP can produce different results with these templates.


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How to Exclude Data Source Rows


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Manufacturing Serial Trace SmartList Builder Template
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