Salesforce Objects or fields are not available in SmartConnect

Published: Dec 27, 2019
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions


SmartConnect will automatically find new Objects and fields added to SalesForce by parsing the metadata provided by the Salesforce web services. This article will go through the steps to resolve cases where an Object or field is not visible for use in SmartConnect.

Connector Setup

Check the following settings in the Salesforce Connector, SmartConnect > Setup > Setup > SalesForce Connector.

  1. The URL is pointed to the correct tenant. If connecting to Production, the URL will be If connecting to a sandbox the URL will be
  2. The API version is correct. Salesforce will add new functions and features over time, and these new features may require a newer version of the API to be used. By default the version is set to 39.0, but this can be manually changed to your version.
  3. Check that the credentials used in ‘Default Security’ are for a user that has access to the Salesforce Object or field you are attempting to access.

Refresh the Metadata

Restart SmartConnect to force SmartConnect to refresh the metadata reference and read any newly added Objects and fields.

*If using this refresh is done automatically on the back-end when creating a data source or a new process using the SalesForce connector.

Check field visibility

Field visibility can be set at either a Permission Set/Profile level or a Single Field level. Check that the field isn’t being hidden in either of these locations.

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