Restricting access to the Modify button in SmartList and SmartList Builder

Published: May 04, 2017
Post Author Written by David Youngquist

Starting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013, there is a new option added to the SmartList window.  On a standard installation, pressing this button will open the Microsoft SmartList Designer product.  If you have SmartList Builder installed, pressing the button will open eOne SmartList Builder.  

People can inadvertently use this button, thinking they are creating a SmartList Favorite, while in actuality they are actually modifying the default GP SmartList.  This can cause all sorts of issues since they are modifying the SmartList for all users, and any restrictions they place on the report will affect ALL users as soon as they save it.  This can cause existing favorites to either display unexpected data, or display no data.  This is because the list is being filtered in SmartList Builder, and then additionally filtered with the users favorite they previously had saved.  

Starting with SmartList Builder version 14.00.0223, eOne has added an additional security option to SmartList Builder security.  This option removes the ability to modify default GP SmartLists while still allowing the user to build new SmartLists.  This security option can be found under the Product of “SmartList Builder”, the Type of “SmartList Builder Permissions” and the Series of “SmartList Builder”.  The following screenshot shows this option marked.  If you want to remove access you would want to ensure that this option is UNmarked.  

For users with this option UNmarked, the Modify button will be disabled in SmartList to prevent them from modifying the default Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartLists

It will also disable the SmartList Type field in SmartList Builder.  This will allow the user to only create New SmartLists and not modify existing ones.  

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