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Procedure or function ‘aagCreateVoideRecordInGLForBR’ expects parameter @MCRegistered, which is not supplied.

Published: Jun 02, 2016
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I am running a Bank Transaction integration using SmartConnect and getting the following error, “Procedure or function ‘aagCreateVoideRecordInGLForBR’ expects parameter @MCRegistered, which is not supplied.”

The reason for this error is due to an issue with the eConnect stored procedure taBRBankTransactionHeader is passing only 4 parameters to the aagCreateVoideRecordInGLForBR stored procedure and that procedure takes 5 parameters. The missing value is the MCRegistered parameter.

At this point we have a couple of options.

  1.  Open a case with Microsoft and let them know the error you get and have them fix the taBRBankTransactionHeader eConnect stored procedure.


  1. Since the aagCreateVoideRecordInGLForBR procedure is not encrypted, it can be edited to set a default for the MC parameter.  If you are registered for Multicurrency, set the default value to a 1, if you are not registered for Multicurrency set it to a 0. To set a dafault just edit the beginning where the parameters are defined.  


Make sure the first parameters are like this when altering the stored procedure.
  ALTER PROCEDURE aagCreateVoideRecordInGLForBR
,@lastDist INT
,@MCRegistered TINYINT=0

<rest of the code>

Since the company is either registered for Multicurrency or not, there is no issue with hard coding the correct value.

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