Missing Excel Report Builder menu items

Published: May 04, 2017
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

The Excel Report Builder menu is missing items, or has items on it that appear to be from other menus.  

For example this is a screenshot of menu items being in Excel Report Builder that actually don’t belong there.  There is also no way to launch Excel Report Builder on this system since the menu selection is completely missing.  

This is caused by some incorrect entries in the “Command Bar Options” and/or “Command Bar Buttons” table in Microsoft Dynamics GP.  You can correct this issue by removing the incorrect entries.  

Have everyone exit out of Microsoft Dynamics GP and make a backup of your DYNAMICS database.  

Run the following statements in SQL management studio against your DYNAMICS database.  

DELETE SY07110 WHERE CmdDictID=3830

DELETE SY07121 WHERE CmdBarDictID=3830

DELETE SY07125 WHERE CmdBarDictID=3830

When you log back into Microsoft Dynamics GP, the menu items for Excel Report Builder will be restored.

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