Map hangs at “Retrieving data…” when importing Payroll transactions with SmartConnect

Published: May 14, 2016
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When importing payroll transaction with SmartConnect, the map hangs on “Retrieving data…”, however the record count is correct and the “Done” button is enabled down in the lower right corner of the progress window. 

This will happen if the name of one of your source file parameters exactly matches one of the eConnect parameters.  With Payroll transactions, it’s typically the word “paycode”.  Since the eConnect destination parameter name is the same as the source file column name, it will result in this behavior.  

The resolution is to rename the column in the source file.  Instead of “paycode” use the word “pay_code” with an underscore between the two words.  Then open the map and remap the destination to use the newly renamed column named “pay_code”.  The map will run after changing the source file column name.

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