SmartConnect crashes Dynamics GP when running system maintenance

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

SmartConnect crashes Dynamics GP when running system maintenance after upgrading to SmartConnect 2011.

This can be caused by a damaged security record.
Run the following query in SQL Server Query Analyzer:

Select * from SmartConnect..[User]

See if there are any records where the ADUser field is blank. If so we will need to update the table with a dummy record in order to get the system maintenance to run.
Run the following statement in Query Analyzer to update the bad record.

Update SmartConnect..[User] set Aduser='TESTtest' where UserID='xxxx'

You will need to replace the xxxx with the actual UserID in the table that has the blank name in it.
After performing these steps, continue on with the system maintenance. Once SmartConnect is fully installed you may go into SmartConnect security (Tools – SmartConnect – Security) and delete the test user. Do not attempt to delete the bad user record directly in SQL.

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