SmartConnect system maintenance crashes when “Create GP Resource Cache” is checked.

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

When running SmartConnect system maintenance with “Create GP Resource Cache” checked, GP Dynamics either crashes or stops responding. If the maintenance is run with “Create GP Resource Cache” unchecked, the maintenance runs without error.

This is a known issue if MICR is installed on the system while running system maintenance. To work around the issue, remove MICR from your Dynamics.set file and relaunch GP. Then run the system maintenance with the “Create GP Resource Cache” checked. After it completes you can exit GP and restore the original Dynamics.set file.

Here are the steps for removing MICR from your Dynamics.set file.

1. Copy your Dynamics.set file and name the copy Dynamics.bak

2. Open the Dynamics.set file in notepad and reduce the top number by 1. (This is the number of products you have installed)

3. Remove the following lines from your Dynamics.set file:


Mekorma MICR

4. Scroll further down and delete the following three lines:

:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2010/MICR.DIC
:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2010/data/MICRFRM.DIC
:C:Program Files/Microsoft Dynamics/GP2010/data/MICRRPT.DIC

Note: Your pathnames may be different. What is important is to remove the lines for MICR.DIC, MICRFRM.DIC, and MICRRPT.DIC.

5. Save the Dynamics.set file and relaunch GP. Run the system maintenance with the “Create GP Resource Cache” checked.

6. After it finishes, log out of GP and delete your Dynamics.set file. Rename your original set file from Dynamics.bak to Dynamics.set.

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