eOne.SmartConnect.UI.dll: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

Receiving an error, “eOne.SmartConnect.UI.dll: Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation. InnerException: The type initializer for ‘eOne.SmartConnect.UI.GPAddIn’ threw an exception.” when launching Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0

This is caused by having this dll in the AddIns folder without having the SmartConnect dictionary loaded. This can be resolved by several different methods.

1. If you intentionally removed the SmartConnect dictionary from the Great Plains folder, you need to rename the add in files as well. Go into the C:Program FilesMicrosoft DynamicsGPAddIns folder and rename all the eOne.SmartConnect*.dll files to eOne.SmartConnect*.old

2. If your Dynamics.set file has the incorrect number products in it, you will receive this error as well. Locate the Dynamics.set file. By default, the Dynamics.set file is located in the following folder: C:Program FilesMicrosoft DynamicsGP

Use Notepad to open the Dynamics.set file. Note the first number in the file. This number is the number of products that you have installed. For example, if the number is 20, the Dynamics.set file indicates that 20 products are installed. Count all the products that are listed in the Dynamics.set file. Make sure that the number of products is the same as the number at the top of the Dynamics.set file. If the number of products is greater than or less that what was listed at the top of the Dynamics.set file, you need to adjust the top number to reflect the actual number of products installed.

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