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Data sources disappear after upgrading to the 10.00.0048 build of SmartConnect

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by Kevin Jones

After upgrading to SmartConnect 10.00.0048 the data sources disappear. Also when saving a map, you get an error that it cannot save the record.

SmartConnect System Maintenance must be performed in each company after the update. You must be logged in as the sa user in order to perform these steps
1. Go to Tools – SmartConnect – System Maintenance
2. If you are not using SmartConnect with CRM, uncheck step 4
3. Step 5 only needs to be checked for the first company. This creates a table cache in the DYNAMICS database, so it only needs to be run 1 time. When running the maintenance you may get an error that says, “An open operation on table ‘PT_Report_Form_TEMP’ cannot find the table.” When you click OK on that, and additional error opens that says this: Error SmartConnect Fill_Table_Fields_Temp of form SC_Trigger_Object The Maintenance appears to lock up at this point. The error is the result of an eXtender temp table that is not created unless a report is being generated. You can ignore both errors, and the Maintenance will continue to run. Once the Maintenance completes, you will get a “Maintenance Complete” messages with an OK button on it. Click OK on the message, and then click OK to close the second error message that was opened. You will need to run the System Maintenance in every company. You can leave step 5 unchecked for all the subsequent companies.

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