How to add the RequesterTrx element to the SmartConnect mapping window..

Published: Dec 08, 2011
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

If you need to access the RequesterTrx element to one of your eConnect nodes in SmartConnect you may manually add it.

1. Go to Tools – SmartConnect – Node Maintenance. Open up the node where you need to add the element.
2. At the bottom of the Add Node window, add a parameter called RequesterTrx.
3. For the display name you can call it anything, but typically one would call it Requester Trx.
4. For the Field Type select List.
5. Click on the arrow at the top of the Field Type column.
6. For the Description use False, for the Value put 0, and check the Default checkbox.
7. For the next line for the Description use True, for the Value put 1, and leave the Default checkbox unchecked. Save and close the Node Maintenance window.

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