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How to Purchase eOne Support Hours and Plans

Published: Jun 16, 2018
Post Author Written by Katie Soderberg

eOne Support or Service hours can be purchased per hour. You can also purchase 1-year unlimited plans per product or specific services from our consulting team. If you are purchasing by hour (minimum 2), the item names are eOne Support Hours or eOne Professional Service Hours at
the eOne Shop.

Here are the steps to purchase:  

1. Go to www.eonesolutions.com and select the SIGN IN at the top, right-hand side of the screen.
2. Enter your username and password and select SIGN IN.
3. Select the Shop tab at the top center of the screen. Go to the Support & Services Tab.
4. Select the customer for whom you’re purchasing the products and services. (If you need to add a new customer you may do that here, as well).
5. Scroll to Select a Service or Select Product Support and add the hours or plans to your shopping cart and click Add to Cart.
6. Select add to cart.
7. To add another item to your cart, select Continue Shopping. To continue to pay, select Checkout.
8. If you want to delete an item, click the X to the left of the item.
9. Once everything looks correct click Checkout.
10. Select your method of payment (preferably credit card): a. Credit Card – (MasterCard, Visa or Amex) b. Check/Wire – (Creates an invoice for your team.)
11. Select Place Order and you will receive: a paid invoice if processed with credit card or an invoice if check/wire was selected.
12. Once you’ve placed your order, and eOne processes payment, you may start using your support hours or support plan.

You may contact eOne’s support team by calling 1-888-319-3663, clicking to chat on eOne’s website, eonesolutions.com or by emailing support@eonesolutions.com.  

We recommend emailing support@eonesolutions.com to initiate a support case with details and screenshots.  This will also create a support case number for you and will be a good background on your scenario as you start working eOne’s support team.

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