How to create and start Windows Service in SmartConnect 21

Published: Feb 02, 2022
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

The Windows Service handles any scheduling requirements from the SmartConnect application. In SmartConnect 21, you need to create and run Windows Service from the SmartConnect Configuration. 

To Create Windows Service in SmartConnect 21; Find the file name: eOne.SmartConnect.Config.exe from the C:Program FileseOne SolutionsSmartConnect directory and create a new Windows Service.

This Create Windows Service button will install and activate the SmartConnect windows service on the current workstation for the current active SmartConnect instance.  The service should be installed on workstations that do not have much downtime, as the service can not execute integrations if the workstation is not active.

Next, go to the Services Window to find the ‘eOne SmartConnect Service’ and check it is running. If not the service is not running, then right-click and click on start.

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