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Failed to create record.: Entity does not support insert

Published: Sep 18, 2020
Post Author Written by Ethan Sorenson

When importing records to Dynamics Business Central, I received the error “Failed to create record.: Entity does not support insert”.


Some Business Central pages have three available properties that specify how user are allowed to interact with pages. This particular error is stating the page does not allow Inserts.

Custom Page Resolution

If you are attempting to import to a custom Business Central page you have created, update your extension to set the page property to allow Inserts.

Standard Page Resolution

If you are attempting to import to a standard page and receive this error, it is likely the wrong page is being used as a web service. Follow the below steps to check the correct page is being used.

  1. In Business Central attempt to manually create the record.
  2. Before clicking save, check the URL for the page number. ex. businesscentral.dynamics.com/{tenant}/?company=Sample&page=39
  3. Go to “Web Services” in Business Central, and make sure the same page number is published as a web service.

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