Error when opening or running a CRM map that says “Failed to refresh access token:”

Published: Jan 27, 2022
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

When opening a map that uses CRM as a source or a destination, receiving an error message that says “Failed to refresh access token”

It means that the Oauth access token to CRM has expired. You need to open up the CRM Connector refresh the token.  

Open SmartConnect, go to the Setup tab and hit the Setup button. Double click on the CRM connector, and it will open the “Microsoft CRM Connector Setup” window. Do NOT change anything in the window. All you want to do is this.

1. Click the “Verify” Button
2. Click the “Get Access Token” button
3. Click the “Refresh” button and select the correct CRM organization.
4. Click the “Verify Organization” button (only if it is enabled, it might be disabled)
5. Click on the “Get Organization Access Token” (only if the button is enabled, it might be disabled)

Don’t change ANYTHING else in that window, all we need to do is refresh the token and then click OK. 

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