Error in Key2Act (WennSoft) Job Master Create

Published: Aug 02, 2017
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

We are running an integration using SmartConnect into Key2Act’s Job Master using the wsiJCJobMaster node and getting the error 10003 for stored procedure=taFSRMALineSerial. Since the stored procedure is encrypted, we are not sure what value is missing.


This issue is that the error message number, 10003, is a dynamics GP error message which is what is being returned. The error actually exists in the wsiJCJobMaster stored procedure.

The actual error is due to the Created Date for the job not being in the General Ledger Fiscal Period or Job Cost Fiscal Period tables and/or is in a closed state. If the Created Date is not provided in the integration, then the current system date (the SQL Server system date) is used.

Make sure the provided Created Date or SQL Server system date is open and in Dynamics GP Fiscal Period setup and Job Cost Fiscal Period setup.

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