eOne Support Lifecycle Policy

The Lifecycle Policy

This policy states the standard support policies for all eOne products. This policy went into effect on August 1st, 2014. The standard policy allows for 5 years of Standard support and 5 years of Extended support for a total of 10 years of support for the products included, with the exception of SmartConnect and Node Builder. These are different because the release cycle does not follow the Microsoft Dynamics GP release cycle. This policy is a worldwide policy. However, if local laws require different policies, those will changes will be made individually.

Products ReleasedStandard Support End DateExtended Support End Date
Extender 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
Extender 201010/13/201510/13/2020
Extender 20134/10/20184/11/2023
Extender 20154/14/20204/8/2025
Extender 20167/13/20217/14/2026
Extender 20181/10/20231/11/2028
Flexicoder 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
Flexicoder 201010/13/201510/13/2020
Flexicoder 20134/10/20184/11/2023
Flexicoder 20154/14/20204/8/2025
Flexicoder 20167/13/20217/14/2026
Flecicoder 20181/10/20231/11/2028
Node Builder 201112/31/201612/31/2018
SmartConnect 10.012/31/201412/31/2014
SmartConnect 201012/31/201412/31/2014
SmartConnect 201112/31/201512/31/2017
SmartConnect 2012 12/31/201512/31/2017
SmartConnect 2013 12/31/201612/31/2018
SmartConnect 2014 12/31/201712/31/2019
SmartConnect 201512/31/201812/31/2020
SmartConnect 20165/20/20195/20/2021
SmartConnect 20174/28/20204/28/2022
SmartConnect 201812/15/20205/15/2022
SmartList Builder 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
SmartList Builder 201010/13/201510/13/2020
SmartList Builder 2013 (including R2)4/10/20184/11/2023
SmartList Builder 20154/14/20204/8/2025
SmartList Builder 20167/13/20217/14/2026
SmartList Builder 20181/10/20231/11/2028
SmartPost 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
SmartPost 201010/13/201510/13/2020
SmartPost 20134/10/20184/11/2023
SmartPost 20154/14/20204/8/2025
SmartPost 20167/13/20217/14/2026
SmartPost 20181/10/20231/11/2028
SmartView 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
SmartView 201010/13/201510/13/2020
SmartView 20134/10/20184/11/2023
SmartView 20154/14/20204/8/2025
SmartView 20177/13/20217/14/2026
SmartView 20181/10/20231/11/2028
SmartView External for GP 10.010/9/201210/10/2017
SmartView External for GP 201010/13/201510/13/2020
SmartView External for GP 20134/10/20184/11/2023
SmartView External for GP 20154/14/20204/8/2025
SmartView External for GP 20167/13/20217/14/2026
SmartView External for GP 20181/10/20231/11/2028

Standard Support vs Extended Support

Support providedStandard Support phaseExtended Support phase
Paid support X X
Hotfix support* X
Service Pack/Feature Update Releases* X
Problem Report support X
Design changes and feature requests X
Online information available on such as Knowledge Base, Documentation, etc X X

  • A hotfix is being defined as a fix to address a specific issues in the software. They do not go through regression testing like Service Packs do.  Generally hotfixes are included in the next service pack/release as well.
  • For the products of Extender, Flexicoder, SmartList Builder, SmartPost, and SmartView, service packs are released for the latest two versions in standard support.  Occasionally, releases may be posted for older versions still in Standard Support.


    1. This support lifecycle is generated to cover all major and minor releases of a product. For Example, an R2 version of a product would follow the same Standard and Extended support of the parent product.
        1. After the Lifecycle of a product has passed, to receive support, the product would need to be updated to a supported release. If the update is done from an unsupported release to a supported release, that update would supported unless otherwise noted. If there is an intermediary update that has to occur to an unsupported release that portion of the update would not be supported unless other noted below.
          • SmartConnect will be supported when required to upgrade to the latest released version.
          1. If you have multiple eOne Products integrated together, each product will follow its own Lifecycle dates. Be sure to verify and follow the lifecycle dates for each eOne product being used.
              1. The support of eOne products will follow this policy, but if the issue is found to be caused by an unsupported Operating System, Microsoft SQL Server release, .NET release, etc., that specific issue will not be supported until the unsupported issue is resolved.
                1. For the products dependent on the Microsoft Dynamics GP product line, the Lifecycle closely follows the Microsoft Dynamics GP product lifecycle.
                    1. Standard and Extended Support is available to all customers with a paid support plan.
                        1. This support lifecycle does not affect the use of a product. An unsupported product can be used as long as needed. This lifecycle only defines the availability of support for the product.
                          1. Support beyond the Extended support lifecycle can be purchased at an additional cost above and beyond the standard support costs. Please contact eOne at 1-888-319-3663 for information on this pricing.

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