eConnect error – Login failed for user

Published: Jul 13, 2022
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

I am running a SmartConnect integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP that works correctly on all my machines except for one.  On the problem machine, when the integration runs, it fails with the error:

Login failed for user ‘eonedemoEONE-2014$’.

SQL Login failure

Figure 1: Login failed for user <machinename>

Why does this happen on only this one machine and how do I correct it?

For Microsoft Dynamics GP destinations, the eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 201x windows service is used and is installed on EACH local machine SmartConnect is running on.

The problem here is that the service Log On, the credentials on the service have been set to “Local System account”.

In order for the eConnect Service to function properly, the service Log On must be set to a specific domain account that has access to the Dynamics GP system and company databases.  

Service Settings

Figure 2: eConnect Service settings

Since you have other machines that are working properly, I would check the credentials used on one of those machines and set this machine eConnect service credentials to the same settings.

After changing the Log On credentials, you will be prompted to restart the service and eConnect should be able to connect to SQL properly.

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