Connecting SmartConnect to Salesforce without a Security Token

Published: Apr 05, 2016
Post Author Written by Jared Dux

With the latest released version of SmartConnect you can connect to Salesforce without using the Salesforce security token. This allows the Salesforce connector to be setup using just the Salesforce login and password. You will want to have a static IP address, otherwise you will need to be updating the Trusted IP Ranges in Salesforce any time your IP address changes. 

To setup your Salesforce account to not require the security challenge you will need to go to Setup. Expand Security Controls and select Network Access. You can also just enter Network Access into the Quick Find search box.

Click the New button to add a trusted IP address. If you have a range of IP addresses you can set the entire range you would like your organization to be able to connect from without the security challenge. You can find out your current IP address by visiting Save the IP address settings in Salesforce.

Open SmartConnect and go to the Setup tab and choose the Salesforce connector. Enter your Salesforce username and password. When you click the Test button you should get a ‘Connected Successfully’ message if you are connecting from a machine in the trusted IP range setup in Salesforce.



With this setup you will not have to change the Salesforce connector setup if the Salesforce security token is reset. This will allow any SmartConnect Salesforce integrations to continue without any updating.

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