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Checkbook Register SmartList Builder Template

Published: Jun 19, 2015
Post Author Written by Nicole Albertson

The Checkbook Register SmartList Builder setup is built to show all of the Checkbook transactions with one line per transaction. You can add the CM Receipt table to the list if you would like to see the deposit detail as well. You would link the Deposit Number to the CM Trx Number in the CM Transaction table.

This SmartList Builder setup is built based on a SQL Script written by Victoria Yudin. You can find the script and many other resources at www.victoriayudin.com. Thank you Victoria for contributing to the SmartList Builder community.


Name: Checkbook Register

Tables Involved:

  • CM Transaction   
  • CM Transfer
  • CM Transaction Type Setup

Screen shots of Setup in SmartList Builder, Excel Report Builder, and Navigation List Builder.

These templates are designed to be a starting place for your reporting needs.  While we try to make them as accurate as possible, we always recommend you check them with your data as we don’t guarantee their results.  Differences in how data is entered and used in Microsoft Dynamics GP can produce different results with these templates.  

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