Bank Transactions not posting through the General Ledger when imported using SmartConnect

Published: Apr 21, 2023
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

My Bank Transaction posting setup in Microsoft Dynamics GP is setup to post through the General Ledger, but my transactions entered via SmartConnect are creating separate batches for each transaction, what is wrong?

This is actually the expected behavior when importing Bank Transactions into Dynamics GP.  The bank transaction entry is a posting window and it does not allow you to save batches. When you use eConnect to enter a bank transaction, it generates a batch in the General Ledger. eConnect does not post through the General Ledger. You must verify and post all the batches generated by eConnect to the Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger.

Here is a link to the Microsoft eConnect information regarding entering bank transactions, Bank Reconciliation eConnect Documentation

The <taBRBankTransactionHeader> XML node contains the batch number element (BACHNUMB). BACHNUMB specifies the General Ledger (GL) batch that eConnect creates. Microsoft Dynamics GP uses an audit trail code for the GL batch number. Microsoft Dynamics GP also uses the audit trail code to identify the originating transaction source. To recreate the behavior of Microsoft Dynamics GP, eConnect implements the following rules for batch numbers:

When you do not specify a BACHNUMB, eConnect uses a default batch process similar to Microsoft Dynamics GP. The key difference, eConnect creates a separate batch with a unique audit trail code for each transaction.  So if you import 500 transactions, you will get 500 batches in the GL that you would need to post.  

When you specify a BACHNUMB, eConnect uses that value to identify the batch. However, Microsoft Dynamics GP still supplies the audit trail code which is also used to identify originating transaction source. While the batch number will not match the cash management audit trail code, all drill back capabilities will work.   So using the same scenario, if I import 500 transactions, and I supply a batch number, all the bank transactions imported will end up in a single GL batch, so you can post 1 large batch verses 500 individual batches.   

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