AccName is readonly!

Published: Jan 25, 2018
Post Author Written by eOne Solutions

Failed to create record with keys ‘XXXX’ = ‘XXXX’ Field AccName is readonly!

This error will come up when creating new records in a journal.

The cause:

SmartConnect must make two calls to create a new line in a journal. The first will create the line, same as clicking in the user interface to add a line to the bottom of the journal. The second call will update the line created with the values you have mapped. The issue is when end users are in the User Interface and they click to create a new row, but never complete making this row. The row is still saved in Financials in the state of SmartConnect’s first call which causes a duplicate value when the second call is made.


The fix is to map the AccName field. This is going to contain the account’s name and varies depending on the account number you are entering. If it isn’t in your source, you should use a multi-data source query. One source will be your original source, and the other will contain the Account Card, linked on Account Number.

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