Partner PreSales Consultant & Solution Architect Training – New York City

This training is for Sales, Pre-sales Consultants, and Solution Architects. The purpose of this training is to help partners effectively position eOne’s iPaaS solution during the pre-sales and design stages, and help you win more business. This is a fun and high-energy event! This is NOT a product training session. We will explore features and functionality to help you differentiate ERP and win more deals.

Why Attend?

  • This training session is for your pre-sales and technical sales teams to learn how to sell eOne's tools and set yourself apart from competition.
  • The average business worker uses 9 applications each day, making iPaaS a critical component on any line of business ecosystem.
  • Understanding, presenting, and designing an IPaaS solution is crucial to any Microsoft Dynamics implementation strategy.
  • Learn integration requirements, understand eOne's integration suite, ask the right questions, deliver an impactful demo and design the best solution for your customer.
  • Attendees will receive a certificate of completion to submit for training credit.

Learn more about this training HERE.

Understanding eOne’s Platform

  • Understanding eOne’s Integration Platform- As -A- Service (iPaaS): Learn about integration for every app and be able to differentiate Dynamics 365 through iPaaS.
  • Virtual Integration vs. Traditional Data Integration: Understanding the difference and learning how to review scenarios and Case Studies.
  • Virtual Integration: Finding the Opportunity and setting up a virtual integration scenario in less than 20 minutes.
  • Solving eCommerce Integration needs: How to spot and avoid common eCommerce integration point and pitfalls, how to review real eCommerce integration implementations handled by eOne iPaaS and receiving a crash course on REST API’s.

Demo to Win the Deal

  • Prepping for Success: How to prep for a demo and understand what to show and what not to show.
  • The Tough Stuff: How to present security, error handling, system management, and licensing.
  • eOne iPaaS vs. Azure Logic Apps vs Power Apps for integration: Fitting eOne iPaaS into Microsoft’s Power Story.
  • Using eOne iPaaS to win the Virtual Migration conversation: Understanding Data Lakes, what data to bring, how to set it up and price it.
  • Finding the Right Fit for the Customer: Finding things to watch out for, warning signs and trigger words, learning when and how to engage eOne for expert help.
  • Communicating iPaaS to your existing customer base: How to convince them to talk to you about their other apps.
Date Aug 20, 12:00 pm - Aug 21, 3:00 pm (EDT)
Registration Deadline Tuesday, August 13
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