As your company navigates its way through the digital world, you are presented with the possibility of exponential growth or diminished returns. It’s all contingent on how well your company is keeping up with its demands and how well-oiled your internal processes are operating.

For companies to function and thrive, they must be able to integrate their ERP, e-commerce, CRM, WMS, PIM, and all other systems across marketing, accounting, sales, customer service, and other departments without a hitch. Integration can either benefit or complicate each team member’s access to real-time data, and their access to this data is crucial for them to perform at their job.

So how can you create timely, user-friendly, and affordable integrations that satisfy all accessibility needs?

An integration platform as a service (iPaaS) is a low-code or no-code cloud-based integration solution for applications and data sources. Since it is cloud-based, it is accessible from anywhere and can connect and give access to real-time data amongst two or more apps, systems, SaaS solutions, or data sources. Whether these platforms are connecting an app to an app, an app to an on-premise SQL Server, etc., they can act as a bridge, present information, and offer control within a user-friendly interface.

iPaaS solutions can modernize your approach and help you reap rewards faster by making your processes quicker, more flexible, accessible, and more efficient as you connect on-premise systems to cloud-based apps.

Within the interface, users can manage their integrations without the need for custom code. Removing the need for a developer to create complex code for integrations, apps, and more, iPaaS products allow companies to build better solutions internally, and for their customers, at an alarmingly fast rate.

What is the difference between iPaaS and PaaS?

While iPaaS is an API-focused cloud solution that connects data across systems, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) products help developers quickly build, test, and deploy web applications.

Since PaaS platforms are cloud-based, developers no longer have to build and support on-prem infrastructure to make apps. No software updates, servers, operating systems, or networks are necessary for them to build applications online with a PaaS product. Three of the most recognizable PaaS providers are Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

PaaS works as a building tool that simplifies the workload of developers, and iPaaS is targeted to help non-developers with integrations and data access. Both PaaS and iPaaS technologies have completely altered the way businesses are able to grow. They have enabled them to become more efficient and functional in the digital realm.

eOne iPaaS solutions: SmartConnect and Popdock

At eOne Solutions, we have two iPaaS products that will knock your socks off, so to speak.

SmartConnect is our traditional integration tool that helps you move all the data you choose from your old system to your new system. This type of integration is essential when you’re trying to create, replace, update, or delete data in one system or another. It’s also necessary if you need data in another system for processing purposes. 

Popdock is our virtual integration tool that acts as a bridge between a data lake and your systems, enabling everyone on your team to view the data they need, when they need it. This makes it possible to turn off old servers and systems entirely while still being able to access whatever information you want in whichever interface you need it in. It allows you to view the data in your new system without bogging it down with old records. This easy access helps users gain instant insight into the apps they’re already using. 

Both traditional and virtual integrations may be necessary for businesses to keep up in the fast-paced world of technology where high demands are placed on companies that have little time to complete them. It all depends on your specific scenario and needs.

These integration tools can work together to make your departments more efficient and more functional than ever.

The benefits of eOne Solutions iPaaS tools

While this list isn’t exhaustive, these are some highlights as to why eOne Solutions iPaaS tools are essential for your data integration needs.

eOne’s iPaaS tools are essential for:

  • Connecting applications or migrating data and replicating data across cloud and on-prem systems.
  • Synchronizing data between your apps and data sources.
  • Optimizing efficiency and daily processes among team members – By having real-time access at your fingertips, you and your team members across departments can view data on customers, transactions, and more, whenever you want. This gets rid of the data silo and makes everyone’s job faster and easier with quicker data access.
  • Connecting department data/systems and helping systems speak to one another in real-time – For example, synchronizing your marketing data with CRM so your sales and marketing teams are aware of every update).
  • Translating your data into human-readable names – Instead of trying to wade through innumerable lists, you can easily find your old favorites with eOne’s iPaaS interfaces. The names you gave to lists in your old system will retain their names when transferred to or displayed on your new system. This saves hours of time and ensures you don’t have to wade through endless data to find what you need.
  • Automating your business operations.
  • Accomplishing more with no-code or low-code – iPaaS solutions enable developers, citizen developers, and business users to collaborate, develop, govern, and orchestrate integrations remotely. iPaaS helps businesses avoid spending significant time and money on custom-coding integrations. It also reduces troubleshooting costs by providing automated error-detection features. It also saves on hiring costs as businesses can manage integrations with citizen developers and optimize senior developers to build other solutions.
  • Continual, up-to-date monitoring and management – Scheduling, starting, and stopping integrations, and you can check the status and health of running apps.
  • Scalability – The cloud-based infrastructure that iPaaS solutions provide, enables businesses to scale their data integration as they grow, along with the flexibility to add new systems limitlessly. By providing data synchronization and workflow management features, they help reduce the time required to complete tasks and improve overall efficiency, regardless of how many new systems are added.
  • Saving time and money.
    • Custom integrations are expensive and time-consuming and can only be managed by developers or specialists, but with iPaaS, you don’t need custom code, eliminating this problem.
    • From having to maintain on-prem servers to paying for continual updates and maintenance, outsourcing development, and maintenance of custom code integrations to hiring other specialists to manage the process, keeping a SQL Server going just to maintain access to its data is costing you unnecessarily and, quite frankly, wasting your precious time. With an iPaaS, you have far fewer admin
      istrative costs.
    • Learn more about other factors that go into the expense in this article: “Historical data: How much is it costing you?”

Our iPaaS products also come with out-of-the-box connectors. Connectors are pre-built codes that create connections and interact with specific apps or data sources in the unique way they communicate. They make it simple to keep up with software updates.

Reach out for more information

To simplify and automate how your integrations are managed, you shouldn’t need to hire a developer or specialist for lengthy, expensive integrations.

Whether you need to migrate historical data to your new system, connect and work amongst multiple cloud-based apps, perform seamless integrations from your on-prem systems to a cloud-based app, or a number of other scenarios, eOne’s iPaaS solutions, SmartConnect and Popdock, are able to provide exactly the help, support, and performance you need to work efficiently and surpass your goals.

If you’re going to be taking on large integrations, customer record optimization, data synchronizing across systems and cloud-based data storage, look no further than a hybrid integration solution using SmartConnect and Popdock.

Don’t waste time, money, and effort. Contact our sales team at or 888-319-3663 ext. 1 for more personalized help in answering your questions. They are always eager to provide help and answers for your migration needs.