This is the fourth edition of the ‘what is eXtender Enterprise’ series.

The fourth topic we will discuss here is Navigation Lists. Navigation list provide a great way of searching and retrieving eXtender records. There is some overlap between Navigation Lists and eOne’s Navigation List Builder bu there are some great features that are only available within eXtender Enterprise
What is the Feature:
Extenders navigation lists provide a really easy way to perform various types of searches, and identify and access the record you are searching for. There are 4 different types of navigation lists, each which performs a distinct function (Standard, List, Combination and Calendar). The image below shows a combination search for tenants.
Why this feature is great:
Navigation lists allow you to build very business specific functionality into an eXtender solution. It personalises the solution, and provides a great way to access data making it feel like an integral part of GP rather than just a tacked on screen.
Navigation Lists often become the screen that users begin their day on. It shows them the records to work with and form here they can go to modify the records the select. Similar functionality can be achieved by adding all the data to SmartLists, which we often do, but Navigation lists are very fast to deploy and provide a very easy to use and powerful search function.
Also the different look and feel of the same search window, together with the simple color coding function makes this a hit with customers. In the picture above you can readily identify the type of air conditioning in an apartment by the associated color. In the picture below you can see an example of a calender navigation list. This list shows all apartments expiring today, inside the Northside villas property..
How to Use it:
Building a navigation list is really straight forward. As you see in the image below there are three key components. Firstly define the form you need to search on. Second is to define the Navigation List type:
Combination: Allows for multiple search criteria
Standard: Allows for a single search across all data columns
List: Allows you to select from a list of primary records and see all related records.
Calendar: Displays a calendar, in which you can select records for a specific date.
The third step is to define the fields you would like to search on, and also the field you would like to display.
An important thing to note is that you are only able to access eXtender data in these windows. If you need to access regular GP data perhaps Smart List, Smart List Builder or navigation List Builder would be a better option.
What to do next?
Personalize you eXtender solutions with navigation lists that give end users an interface that is easy to use. Walk into a demo and not only build a new custom screen, but also a custom search on the spot. I have seen customers fall off their chairs!