Embedded reporting harnesses the power of business intelligence (BI) reporting tools that are integrated with various apps/systems you may use.

With embedded reporting, end-users can view data from other apps inside whatever app they use the most. This makes data more accessible and workflow much more efficient for your team. By utilizing the power of embedded reporting within dashboards, reporting, charts, and more, you can have better insights and make informed decisions much quicker than before.

Using embedded BI tools, such as Popdock, the virtual integration eOne Solutions virtual integration tool, Popdock, users can create regularly scheduled reports or ad-hoc reports to analyze data.

With embedded reporting, you have fast, easy access to the data you need right in the app(s) in which you’re already working.

How does embedded reporting differ from typical integrations?

Embedding is used to display data, not to duplicate it.

SmartConnect is the perfect traditional integration tool to use when you need to move or duplicate data between systems, map and move data, and handle dependencies for current data.

Whether you’re working with current data that will be used in the new system, open transactions, or any processes or records that use that data, SmartConnect can successfully and seamlessly transfer the information you need from one system to the next.

Embedded reporting with Popdock enables and empowers team members from all departments to access, view, and share the data they need to accomplish their work. We call this Virtual Integration. With Popdock you can embed and display data in the apps you’re already using in real-time from its source(s).

With Virtual Integration, you can save yourself the hassle and expense of having to move and duplicate data over to another system to provide data visibility to team members across departments.

Popdock enables you to simplify complex integrations and makes relevant data from other systems conveniently viewable. Embed data with an easy interface to search or filter data quickly from other systems. Popdock also allows you to easily show totals and subtotals for a data set, making this an invaluable tool for every mid-market company.

How embedded reporting helps you make informed decisions fast

Gone are the days of having to search multiple apps to seek out specific data. Embedded reporting revolutionizes the way companies understand, view, access, and report on data.

If your company is like most, your team(s) need easy access to data in order to create reports quickly. With Popdock, you can use embedded reporting to acquire all the information you need, all while working in whatever app you choose.

Without ever stepping foot outside the app(s) in which you like to work, you can view data from any other system, app, or data lake you are connected to with Popdock. This saves a vast amount of time and greatly increases efficiency.

Best of all – you don’t need to be a developer to access your data. Embedded reporting benefits every member of your team, no matter their level of technological prowess. Not only does it make tasks easier and increase productivity, but the speed of delivery and the visual display of data also help your team make more informed decisions.

Embedded reporting helps businesses to:

  • Easily access data in their preferred app.
  • Bring together data from various sources.
  • Create, view, and edit dashboards for key performance indicators, sales, and a range of other information.
  • Manage user access through permissions.
  • Customize the application and how it is presented.

Popdock is extremely cost-effective, easy to use, and offers genuinely helpful support when you need it. Most embedded reporting tools are expensive and require extensive training with little support from the provider.  At eOne Solutions, we also offer training courses to all users.

Elements of embedded reporting

For embedded reporting, these elements are used to make it come to life:

  • Data connectors: In order to access the data from different sources, data connectors must be used to seamlessly feed data to a single app for easy access and analysis.
  • Dashboards: Dashboards present the data you need access to quickly and make it easy to see and understand data trends.
  • Visualizations of data: From chart types, columns, funnels, and more, embedded reporting gives you many options for visualizing data.
How to use embedded reporting

Typically, a company uses several apps and will extract data from each of them into their main application used for reporting and data display. Through charts, graphs, and dashboards, you can view, analyze, and report on whatever data or combination of data you need.

Why your business needs embedded reporting with Popdock

On average, organizations use between 10 and 100 different applications.

While there is an abundance of great apps that can help productivity soar, there can still be major data access issues. Through embedded reporting within those applications, businesses can retain the feel of using those apps while still being able to view data from other sources and utilize the reporting tools of Popdock.

It’s truly an enhancement of the application in which you like to work by enabling it to host dashboards, comprehensive reports, self-service reporting, and visualizations. This supports your team by enabling them to view, analyze, and present relevant data, all while saving your team and company time, money, and extra work.

Stay on top of your business and ahead of the competition. Your business and team need the vast benefits of embedded reporting for daily use.

Why Popdock is the best embedded reporting tool

We’re certain that Popdock can provide exactly what you need for data reporting.

At eOne Solutions, we keep Popdock current to stay compatible with a vast array of on-premise or cloud applications so anyone on your team can use it. We have designed the interface to be straightforward and user-friendly so you don’t need to be in the IT department to know how to use it.

We also have made it customizable to suit your needs for usability and productivity.

With a variety of filters and search functions, you can easily find the data you need. Data visualizations present information in a clear, direct, and understandable way.

Popdock also boasts an impressive level of security. Through management controls, user permissions, dashboard, and reporting control, you have heightened security with Popdock. You can make it so each team member only has access to the data they need.

Give your company the integration tools it needs

In order to succeed, you have to put data at the forefront of your decision-making. This is why embedded reporting is essential.

We know every mid-market company has its own need for embedded reporting, and at eOne, we’re committed to delivering the tools you need to view, access, and report on data efficiently and easily.

Give us a call at 888-319-3663 ext. 1 to learn more about how we can help with your embedded reporting needs, or send us an email at sales@eonesolutions.com. We would love to chat about data access and integrations.