Multi-factor authentication (MFA), also known as two-step verification, is a multi-step measure put in place to protect your login credentials and secure your access to websites, applications, and more. It requires users to enter more than just basic login credentials.

Why is MFA Important?

MFA is an additional security measure that is relevant to everyone, whether you’re logging in to a social media app or trying to access other sensitive account information. It helps protect you, your information, and, potentially, your company’s information from hackers who have obtained basic login credentials.

Since data breaches and theft are all too common, MFA provides extra protection to keep your access and information from being compromised. This also adds an extra layer of protection when people use the same username and password for multiple sites and apps

From banking apps to social media, and email accounts to shopping websites and apps, MFA can verify that it’s you trying to access your account and sensitive information.

Different Types of MFA

Instead of merely entering your username/email address and password to log in to a website or app, MFA beefs up the process. This may include the system sending an authentication code to your phone or email address before you are granted access. The sent code must be entered before access is granted and you’re able to get into your account.

MFA can also be performed with an authenticator app or through other authentication factors. These factors include one or more of these three topics: something you know, something you have, and/or something you are.

The standard types of MFA used include:

  • Sending a code to your phone or email address
  • Entering an additional PIN
  • Answering specific questions with secret answers you have set in place
  • Identifying yourself with facial recognition or fingerprint identification

Security is important to us

At eOne Solutions, security is extremely important to us. This is why we make sure our tools can still connect to your systems that already have MFA in place.

For example, if you use multi-factor authentication with Office 365 and you need to connect Sales 365 with SmartConnect, it may add a few additional steps to your process, but it’s easy to accomplish.

If you’d like more information on how you can use eOne’s tools when you have MFA in place,  contact our sales team at or 888-319-3663 ext. 1.