Top 10 New SmartConnect Features
Happy New Years Eve to you!  2015 has brought about very exciting growth and innovation at eOne, and we’d like to take a moment to look back and highlight the top 10 most popular features we delivered in 2015 for SmartConnect, our no-code data integration solution:

General Enhancements

1.  When you’re in the SmartConnect Mapping Window, you now have the ability to see both the technical and display names.

2.  When you’re using the scheduler within SmartConnect, you’re now able to specify an End Time.

When you’re looking to leverage eOne’s pre-built integration templates (as a starting point for, say, GP-CRM integrations), you now have the ability to load map templates from the eOne website into SmartConnect without needing to download files.  Note, however, that we will continue to also make the integration templates available for file download on our website too.

Import maps
4.  You now have the ability to add secure global variable functionality, which will encrypt data as you’re creating the secure global variable.  This is important, especially when working with sensitive data like passwords, secure tokens, and connection strings.  Once the secure global variable is created, you can then use it within any script.

For Microsoft Dynamics CRM

5.  We’ve added a List Option Lookup within our data transformation options to make it a little easier to work with option sets (also known as picklists).  SmartConnect now dynamically looks up the picklist from Microsoft Dynamics CRM at runtime.  So for example, if you’ve customized CRM and changed values within a picklist, SmartConnect will now recognize those changes as long as they’ve  been published in CRM.

List Option Lookup
6.  We’ve also added an Activity Party Column within our data transformation options, which is important for scenarios where you’re working with activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM (like emails, phone calls, appointments, etc.).  This facilitates linking entities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM to required people/groups.

For Microsoft Dynamics GP

7.  SmartConnect now supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 Service Based Architecture.  This means that any standard service within SBA along with GP data you’ve made available via Service Builder is accessible with SmartConnect.

For the SmartConnect WCF Service

8.  The SmartConnect WCF service is the REST service for SmartConnect.  We’ve had this for a while and people can call the REST service to do things like SmartConnect to run their run their integration, pull back their data source of a map, and many other fun things.  Now, SmartConnect WCF can send receive JSON.  Pretty exciting stuff…

The SmartConnect Web Client

9.  We’ve released our first phase of the SmartConnect Web Client.  This version is especially useful for end users that need to run maps, fix errors, and monitor scheduled and real-time maps.

SmartConnect Web Client

The Xero Connector

10.  By popular demand, we’ve added our first version of our Xero Connector, which is a cloud accounting and book-keeping solution.


We also released our Zendesk-CRM Connector this fall, which allows for two-way integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Zendesk.  Zendesk is a best-of-breed customer service & ticketing support system.


These are just a few among many new updates that arrived in 2015.  A complete list and detail on these new features can be found here. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!  You can contact us at