Zendesk Integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Deliver a holistic view of your customers for your sales and support teams with a dynamic two-way integration between ticket data from Zendesk and customer data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Connect Sales and Ticket Data

Easily access and filter support ticket information in a custom Zendesk panel within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Enable your sales team to view, create and update tickets within a familiar sales platform they use everyday.

Share Customer Data for Better Support

Give your support team better insights to deliver superior customer service. Share relevant customer data, such as customer account size or contract status, from Microsoft Dynamics CRM on Zendesk ticket pages and user profiles.

Gather Business Intelligence Through Synced Data

Apply Microsoft Dynamics CRM reporting and analytics tools to Zendesk ticket data. Gain insights to increase workflow efficiencies that help you raise customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zendesk Integration Apps vs. SmartConnect

When it comes to integrating your Zendesk and Dynamics CRM/365 systems you want to make sure you choose the correct option. eOne provides two different offerings: The SmartConnect platform with multiple integration templates, and the Zendesk integration apps found in the Zendesk marketplace.

The following questions will highlight the main features and differences of the two offerings, so an accurate decision can be made on your required solution.