In the last week I had 3 separate conversations with customers implementing MEM and Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) for Business Central and SmartConnect. There were some recurring questions and concerns in these discussions that I want to clarify for all our customers and partners.

Note: SmartConnect has been compatible with Binary Stream’s Multi-Entity Management (MEM) for Dynamics GP for over a decade. If you landed here looking for GP MEM instructions you can find them here.

Using SmartConnect with MEM for Business Central

Transactions and Journals are restructured to be controlled by dimensions meaning the standard Business Central pages will not work for importing or retrieving data from Business Central. MEM includes 5 API pages that are designed to be used for importing and exporting and importing data from these modules. Binary Stream has documented the API endpoints on their support portal.

You will need to use these below pages for your SmartConnect Integrations.

PageIDIncluded Types
MEM Purchase Header API70210901Quote, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Return Order
MEM Purchase Lines API70210902Quote, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Return Order
MEM Sales Header API70210903Quote, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Return Order
MEM Sales Lines API70210904Quote, Order, Invoice, Credit Memo, Return Order
MEM Journal Line API70211035general, sales, purchase, cash receipt, payment, and fixed asset G/L

Common Questions

Can I use my existing integrations if I add MEM?

If you have integration reading/writing to any of the document types referenced above, those integrations will need to be updated.

If you have some integrations that aren’t listed above (ex. Customers, Vendors, Items), those existing integrations can be kept.

Why am I missing Journal Lines in a MEM data source?

Make sure you are using the MEM Journal Line API page. If you are using the standard Journal Lines Pages in SmartConnect, you will only see the lines assigned to the default entity.

How can I import my MEM Headers and Lines in one integration?

If you select either the MEMSalesHeader or the MEMPurchaseHeader and check the box for “Include linked entities”, the lines will automatically be added to your mapping and linked to the header based on your source grouping.

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