2019 was a great year for eOne, and a great year for Popdock! Between webinars, demos, and conference presentations, we’ve been so excited to bring Popdock to the world this year. Before we flip the calendar, we’re taking a second to look back at our top ten Popdock blogs of the year.

Top Popdock Blogs of 2019

10. Managing Posting Dates Across Multiple Companies / Locations in D365 Business Central

by Joseph Barb

“Having allowed posting dates in D365 Business Central helps to prevent posting to a period after you have already posted all your adjustments and entries to it.  In addition, you can prevent this from happening across multiple companies or locations.  Within Business Central, you can limit your posting dates for a company / location by going to the General Ledger Setup” Read More.

9. Scheduling Popdock Reports for Automated Exceptions and More!

by Chris Dew

“We like to think of Popdock as a great interface to query any type of data in the cloud or on-premise. However, some of our customers have told us they don’t want to login to Popdock to see their information everyday. Were we offended? No! We created the capability to use Scheduled Jobs so you can get the information you want, without logging into any system (except your email!).” Read More.

8. Moving Beyond Basic Calculated Fields

by Joseph Barb

“Data manipulation is a very important tool when dealing with your data and how you want to see it.  In some cases going beyond the normal calculations can help you gather important data that you actually want to see.  With Popdock’s calculated field you can do more than just add the values of two columns” Read More.

7. Free Samples (ie Sample Data!) With Popdock!

by Chris Dew

“We have created sets of sample data that will allow you to have this same experience when you start using Popdock. We have started with seven reports that aren’t specific to any type of ERP, CRM or other system but will deliver the same concepts of the data no matter what systems you are using. The sample data connector is automatically installed when you create a new Popdock Trial or can be added to any existing account by choosing the Sample Data connector.” Read More.

6. What is a Popdock Widget?

by Chris Dew

Have you ever wished you didn’t need to login into each system every day? Have you ever wished you didn’t need to design a big, complex integration to see that data in another system? Have you ever wished you could access all those other systems in the main piece of software? Well, the answer to those questions is, now you can, with Popdock Widgets! Read More.

5. Grouping Lists in Popdock

by Joseph Barb

“Grouping serves as a convenient means of summarizing or analyzing the data. You can do this simply by grouping lists in Popdock. This blog will show you the steps for how to add grouping to a list” Read More.

4. Creating a Joined List in Popdock – Knowing the One to Many Relationship

by Joseph Barb

“When you are creating a joined list in Popdock there are a few factors that need to be considered. With any join, you need identical data, preferably a unique identifier. This means one column in each list contains identical data that can be joined on. In some cases, you have one list with a unique identifier and another list that has multiple matches for that unique identifier.” Read More.

3. Data Democratization: Immediate Access to My Data

by Martin Olsen

“I like to know stuff. Some things I want to know every day. Something things I need to know just once a month. Some things I want updates on 20 times a day. Most days I think of something new I want to know. I like to see top-level summaries. I nearly always have questions about that summary and need to dig deep. I love to see the detail. Sometimes bad things happen, I never know, but I needed to know. It is my data and I need access to my data – live.” Read More.

2. Make Multi-Company Reporting Easier with Popdock

by Joseph Barb

“Running a business that has multiple locations or companies can be very difficult, especially if your needs is to report on activities on each of them.  You can make multi-company reporting easier with Popdock with the support for applications like Dynamics 365 Business Central.” Read More.

1. The Pick Popdock Papers

by Rod O’Connor

“Popdock is a user configurable, cloud based, operational reporting tool. Using Popdock, users can define highly interactive operational reports based on data from multiple data sources – in the cloud or on premise – and then embed the reports directly into their system of choice. It makes multi-company reporting easy.

That’s a lot to put into one paragraph, but by the end of the series you’ll have a much firmer grasp of what it all means. And along the way you should pick up a firmer knowledge of Business Reporting in general.”

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