SmartConnect now has the ability to clear field values using either a calculation or from the “If No Data” option on a lookup additional column.

These clear fields options are only available for Customer Engagement/CRM and Salesforce destinations.

When using a Customer Engagement or Salesforce destination, if you ever need to clear a field’s value, you now can use a calculation to do so. On the integration, navigate to the additional columns and create a new calculation. On the calculation, you will see a new section of the left called Clear fields. If you expand this section, you will see a new function for fnClearDate, fnClearLookup, and fnClearField. Drag and drop whatever function is needed into the scripting window depending on which type of field you need to clear. Save the calculation and then map it to the field that needs to be cleared. When the integration is run, the calculation should clear the value for the field it was mapped to.

The other way to clear a field’s value is using the “If No Data” option on a lookup additional column. When setting up an entity lookup additional column for Customer Engagement or Salesforce, we need to enter an “If No Data” option. We now can select “Clear Lookup” as an option, so if your entity lookup has no data returned, it will clear the field that the lookup was mapped to.

These options are currently in and will be released in SmartConnect On-Premise in any build after