Are you getting ready to update to Extender 2013 and wondering what you might need to be aware of?

The update from Extender 10 or 2010 to Extender 2013 has a lot of table changes in it. You can download a document that outlines all of these changes on the eOne website on the Documentation tab or here.

As the tables are changing and the way the data is stored in them is changing as well, there is a lot of transferring of data from one table to another in the update.

With this movement, we have seen a lot of invalid data that has been in the Extender tables. We are finding that many have imported directly into the Extender tables, used other importing tools, etc. which if not done correctly causes invalid data.

Because of this we modified the Extender update in the Extender 2013 R2 build 12.00.0110 to stop if it is going to cause the update to have to skip valid data. 

This build will check for any data that is going to cause duplicates that SQL will not accept into the new table. For example, if you have a window with 2 keys. If you have the following two records as keys in your EXT00100, it would be a duplicate that would cause the update to fail on the EXT00100. The duplicate comes in that the Key_Strings_1 and Key_Strings_2 are the same. For one reason or another a space was inserted between the two keys in the PT_UD_Key. The second record is technically not a valid record, but does exist in the tables.

Beyond what the update will check for, we have created a script that is downloaded with the Extender 2013 manual for you to run prior to the update. It will check for other data records that might not cause the update to fail, but may cause that individual record to not be updated. It will check for things such as the following.

  1. Blank Key_Strings_1 fields in the keys tables.
  2. Missing keys in the Key tables that have data in the other data tables.

If the script finds this type of data, our support team can help you sort out what needs to be done to correct this data so that the update will be able to successfully bring all of this data across.

So, what is the key take away from all of this? 

    1. Make sure that you have run the script before you update to see if it finds any invalid data.  If it does, make sure that you take care of that data before the update as it won’t be there to fix after the update. 

  1. Make sure that you are using build 110 to update to Extender 2013.  It will check for the duplicate key issues you could run into and make you fix them before the update can be run so that the update doesn’t fail 

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