Hey everyone!

It has been a while in the making, but we are excited to announce an upgrade path for existing customers that has been released and is available from our eOne website.

  • Ready for SmartConnect 21?
  • Curious as to what’s different?
  • Not on SmartConnect 2018? No worries let’s get you there. With any earlier version of SmartConnect you will need to look at upgrading to SmartConnect 2018 version Then you can upgrade to SmartConnect 21.

Log in to the eOne website to generate a new Customer ID and SKU for your first user.

NOTE: This is different from the ID that you have used historically for authentication, and this reg key process is different from what you are used to. Our sales team is here to assist if you have any trouble in accessing your keys.
You will be required to provide an email and password for every user to log in and no longer use the active Directory. All customers will need to be remapped during the upgrade process.

Upgrade Resources

Questions? Feel free to send us an email at sales@eonesolutions.com