Many people have saved thousands of dollars by using Flexicoder to have business rules automatically recode or change distributions in Dynamics GP but sometimes we hear that they would like additional areas that they can use to change the distributions. In this article, we will explore using the built-in functionality of making Extender fields available in this process.

The screenshot below is where most stop and never look at the options that are available at the bottom of the list.

You can attach an Extender Window to the Sales Transaction, Lines, Customer, Item or even the Salesperson and use that information to change your distributions automatically. Let’s examine the following scenario: We currently are “recoding” the first segment by Salesperson but now need to change the third segment of the account by using some information from an Extender Window. Below you will find a Window that has been attached to the Sales Order with a few fields on it.

For the examples below I will use data from the Extender Window on this transaction and show what the replacement would be for the Sales Distribution:

The 000-4100-00 account will have the first segment recoded based on the Salesperson but the third segment will change depending on what we use from Extender.

Because this window attached to the Sales Transaction Entry window has either a checkbox, list or lookup, you can use those values to automatically have your distributions recoded. Now we will dive into each of the three scenarios.

When using a checkbox on the Extender window, you will only get to recode on Yes or No like in the image below:

The resulting account would be 000-4100-00 since we chose not to recode if the value was Yes(checked). If we changed the checkbox to off, we would get 000-4100-01.

When using a list on the Extender window, all the values of that list will be available to recode:

The resulting account would be 000-4100-10 since we have selected Annual as our list value. If we changed the value to Monthly, we would get 000-4100-20.

If the values are changed to the second list I have on that window, we will see the new options appear like below:

The resulting account would be 000-4100-00 since we have selected Blue as our list value and that is set to not recode. If we changed the value to Green, we would get 000-4100-02 or 000-4100-03 if we changed to Red.


And finally, if you choose a lookup, all the available values for that lookup will show. If you add new records they will show in the list also (just hit refresh if you don’t see everything).

If we changed the value to COMPUTER002, we would get 000-4100-99.

As you can see, Flexicoder is very powerful in automating business rules around distributions and pairing Flexicoder with Extender expands your options greatly. If you have an Extender Window on the Sales Transaction, Lines, Customer, Item or even the Salesperson, you have a configurable tool to help you make fewer mistakes and save money. Now get out there and think of even better scenarios than in this example!