It’s no secret that getting a hold of your data in Excel is important (and sometimes absolutely necessary) for many businesses.  Excel is unmatched in terms of data manipulation capabilities for everyday tasks, but it can be a huge pain point getting data into/out of the systems we use.  Getting data into and out of different systems happens to be exactly what SmartConnect excels at (pun intended), so a capable Excel add-in that works with Smartconnect would let you have your cake and eat it too.

The release of last week doesn’t change anything about this ‘I need my data in Excel’ problem – you still need to manipulate data and you still need to work with the different software packages regardless of how you do the import/export part.  This is why the existing add-in has been updated to work with either version of Smartconnect, and a few more features have been added as well.

Some of the primary features have been updated.  The get Data function has always existed, but refreshing is easier and data can be filtered before pasting into the workbook.  Functionality around referencing Excel data has been expanded in both the Get Data and Run Map functions. Data saved to an existing worksheet, a new worksheet, to any cell range instead of just A1, and even directly into an Excel table are all the places the add-in can reach your data.  The screenshot below shows a few of these features.

Updated Service Settings dialog box and ribbon.

Whether you’re already familiar with our existing add-in and just want to work with as well, or you’re unaware of this amazing and free tool offered to Smartconnect customers, [give it a download and check it out by clicking here].  It’ll only save you time in the long run!