SmartPost for GP 2010 is now available.

Have you ever wondered why after you import you still have to post batches? Well not any longer. SmartPost will automate that posting process to ensure you do not lock up GP during peak processing time, and that you batches are posted after-hours when you want them posted.

SmartPost fits perfectly with SmartConnect and completes the integration process. A transaction is not really an accounting transaction until it is posted within GP, so importing is only half of the process. SmartConnect lets you bring in all your transactions, and now SmartPost can be configured to run on its own schedule to post all those records. For example – set SmartConnect to bring in all your web invoices at 8pm, and then smartPost kicks off at 10pm to post them all. This means that no users are interrupted and when you arrive in the office next morning all your transactions are posted and reporting is up to date.

You do not need SmartConnect or an integration tool to benefit from SmartPost. If you are simply tired of managing the complex batches in GP – then SmartPost can be the answer. Set SmartPost to pick up batches by name or partial name, post them and email the reports to the designated people. Posting is one task you can cross off your daily to do list.

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